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Off and Running!
​That's how this year began & looks like it's going to keep moving forward just that way! I'm really immersed in the plans for 2015 Centennial anniversary for Balboa Park/Spanish Village Art Center. And teaching, lots of teaching! My favorite thing to do is to be able to share my love of metals with others. Maybe it's a tie: creating new art is the best also!. Creativity nurtures the soul. Sometimes we go through a creative dry spell & then out of nowhere-Wham! Ideas come from all directions & in all forms. I decided a few years ago to keep a creativity journal & jot down or sketch out ideas as they come to me. It's fun to go back through the pages to see which ideas have come to fruition or evolved into something else entirely. Start your journal now & get creative!

 I'm teaching at Bravo School of Art in San Diego ( I'm going to be teaching  at Bead Fest Santa Fe in March 2015. I'll update my 2015 teaching schedule as soon as it's revealed to me!  I've also been juried into Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, Studio 33. I'm busy hammering away on metal, coming up with new projects to teach, putting together class proposals and getting time to spend with family & friends. I would love to have you join me in one of my classes!

Happy Trails!
Cooky Schock, Owner
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